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Fic: A Paratrooper of Their Own

Title: A Paratrooper of Their Own
Rating: PG-13 (probably too high, but just in case)
Characters/Pairing: Implied Liebgott/Webster; Luz,Christenson, and original character
Word count: 667
Summary: Private Rogers had found men attractive before. Had coveted men before. But he had never been this besotted before, never wanted something-, someone with such intensity. And he wanted David K. Webster badly. Clearly, he wasn’t very subtle about it.
Implications of possessiveness. Crack!fic really I suppose.
A/N: Story based on the representations of the characters in the HBO series; not at all to reflect the real people. No offense intended. Also, this has not been beta'd so I apologise for any and all mistakes.


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Fic: What happened after

Title: What happened after
Rating: G
Pairing: None really, but I guess Merlin/Arthur
Word count: 395
Summary: After Arthur finds out about his magic, Merlin waits...
A/N: Weirdly written whilst listening to Thomas Newman’s ‘Nemo Egg’ (from Finding Nemo), which for some reason inspired this. Really, do not ask me why.


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Fic: Shoulders

Well, I did it...I posted a story on the Narnia kink-meme which is currently going (to this prompt) and had TWO reviews back!! Yeah I know two isn't exactly massive, but for someone rejoining the fanfiction community, and a new fandom to boot, I was fairly pleased :)

And weirdly, I was quite proud of my story. Having a 'take-control' Edmund and a somewhat cautious Caspian is always a story set-up I think is really sweet. And as such, since I quite like my little story, I am going to have it as my first posted fic on livejournal :D


Title: Shoulders
Ratng: PG-13 (to be safe; vaguely refers to a sexual situation)
Pairing: Edmund/Caspian
Summary: Caspian has a thing about a certain body part of Edmund's. Oh dear.
A/N: As I said above, this was based on a prompt from over at the kink meme. It is based in the VoDT time, book or movie, I don't suppose it matters!


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